Lewis & Clark County Detention Center

County Jail Calls

221 Breckenridge St,
Helena, MT 59601, USA

Lewis & Clark County Detention Center

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Lewis & Clark County Detention Center

The Lewis & Clark County Detention Center is operated by the Lewis & Clark County Sheriff under the authority of the State of Montana. Lewis & Clark County Detention houses up to 82 male and female inmates, including state inmates of all custody levels who are probation violators, awaiting trial, sentencing, or transfer to the MONTANA & Clark Department of Corrections or the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Lewis & Clark County Detention Center is located in Helena, Montana, a 16 square mile city with a population of 31,000, with Lewis County having a population of 64,000. Helena is located approximately 35 miles South of Wolf Creek, Montana, off of U.S. Highway 15 at the GPS coordinates of 46° 35′ 44.9″ N, 112° 1′ 37.31″ W.

Jurisdictional Control
Lewis & Clark County Sheriff’s Department
221 Breckenridge
Helena, MT 59601

Montana Judicial Authorities
Lewis & Clark County District Court
228 Broadway, Room 104,
Helena, MT, 59601

Lewis & Clark County Detention Center Inmate Phone Calls

Securus owns and operates the phones at Lewis & Clark County Detention Center. The cost of a 15 minute Montana in-state long distance inmate call using Securus is $12.75 with out-of-state calls costing $3.15, and local Detention Center phone calls costing $3.70. For as low as a 75 Cent Pacific Telephone calling routing fee, and an additional $3.15 Securus connection fee, Pacific Telephone brings the cost of a 15 minute In-State Montana long distance call from the Lewis County & Clark Detention Center down to $3.90 creating a savings $8.85 per 15 minute call.

Lewis & Clark County Detention Center Visiting

FCC County Jail Call Ruling

Pacific Telephone Company is not affiliated with Securus or the Lewis & Clark County Jail, but is able to legally, per a 2013 FCC ruling pursuant to FCC Docket Number DA 13-1990, provide call routing services that can cut the cost of inmates calls from Lewis & Clark County Detention Center as well as calls from any county jails and prison throughout the United States.

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