Worcester County Jail

Worcester County Jail Information

Worcester County Jail

Worcester County Jail, also known as the Worcester House of Corrections is a high security jail facility at located 5 Paul X Tivnan Dr , West Boylston, MA 01583 and is operated by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department under a Charter issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The jail can be reached at 508-854-1500

The jail houses over 1000 male and female pre-trial-inmates arrested by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, the Massachusetts State Police, local police departments, Massachusetts state inmates, probation violators, the U.S. Marshal’s Service and those awaiting transfer to a Massachusetts Department of Corrections prison or the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Worcester County, Massachusetts is 1511 Square miles and has a population of 805,300 residents. The county seat is, Worchester a 39 square mile city with a population of 184,000 located off of U.S. Interstate 290 at the GPS coordinates of 42° 16′ 0″ N, 71° 48′ 0″ W

The Worcester District Court Courthouse is located at 225 Main St., Worchester, MA 01608. The Clerk of the Court can be reached at (508) 831-2010.

The Worcester County Public Defender’s Office is located at 340 Main Street, Suite 7000 Worchester, MA 01608can be reached at (508) 368-1850 or (508) 368-1820.

Worcester County Jail Inmate Calls

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Worcester County Jail Visiting and Mail

Due to the complexity of the Jail and large inmate population, visitation is held throughout the week by housing unit. It is suggested that those wishing to visit an inmate in custody contact the Worcester County House of Correction website to confirm visiting hours and visiting policies.

All incoming inmate mail will be checked for contraband and must contain the sender’s complete name and address. All magazines and books must be sent by an authorized distributor.

Sending Mail to Inmates
If you would like to send a letter to an inmate of the facility, please address the envelope as follows:

Individual’s Name
Worcester County Jail & House of Corrections
5 Paul X. Tivnan Dr.
West Boylston, MA 01583

• The correspondence must be written in black ink or in non-colored pencil.
• The paper that the letter is written on must be white lined paper, free of stains, spills or discolorations.
• Envelopes must be pure white only.
• Drawings must also be in either non-colored pencil or black ink.
• Greeting cards must not be multi-layered.
• Mail received that does not conform to this policy will be returned to sender or sent to Special Services, even if a money order is enclosed.

FCC Worcester County Jail Calling Regulations

Pacific Telephone Company is registered with the FCC and California Public Utilities Commission and is not affiliated with any County Jail or Securus, GTL, Connect Network or Paytel, but is able to legally, per a 2013 Federal Communications Commission ruling pursuant to FCC Docket Number DA 13-1990, provide discount jail call routing services that can cut the cost of inmate calls from the Worcester County Jail, as well as calls from county jails and Federal Prison throughout the United States.

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