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Why Are Jail Calls So Expensive?

All jails and detention centers in the U.S. are contracted with third-party phone providers. They go by names such as Paytel, GTL, Offender Connect, Securus and IC Solutions to handle calls made by inmates.  

Because they own the phones, there’s no way around using them! Unless inmates have an illegal cell phone, they must use the inmate phone system to place calls from jails and detention centers.

Unfortunately, if your number is long distance or even in the same state from the facility where the inmate’s being held, the cost of the call will be billed at expensive contracted rates.

Our service is guaranteed to provide substantial savings in some cases as much 300% over your existing jail calling plan.   

How We Save You Money?

We have a way to help you save money by using the Pacific Telephone inmate Call Routing Service. To start, an inmate must call the dedicated number we provide them, and pay a “Discounted $3.15 Connection Fee” to the Jail’s phone carrier (Securus, GTL, ETC)  to get their call sent out of the facility.

This can be done using their commissary funds or by their loved one setting up an account with Securus, GTL or another jail phone provider. Pacific then charges an additional fee as low as 5 Cents per minute (75 Cents) to (route) send the call to a loved ones cell or home phone resulting in a significant savings per call.

Example 15 Minute Inmate
Call Savings Comparisons

From Muskegon County Jail Michigan
Using Just Securus……….$15.32
Using Securus & Pacific….$3.90

$11.42 Call Savings

From Brazoria County Jail Texas
Using Just Securus…………$9.30

Using Securus & Pacific….$3.90

$5.40 Call Savings

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