Cheap County Jail Phone Calls

Cheap County Jail Calls

Save up to 75% per Call

With Pacific Telephone, you can save up to 75% on most county jail calls. With the price of Jail phone calls sky high, staying in touch with loved ones locked up can be very expensive.  All jails, detention centers, and prisons in the United States are contracted with third-party phone service providers. They go by names such as GTL, Offender Connect, Securus and IC Solutions to handle calls made by inmates.

County Jail Calls

Cheap County Jail Telephone Calls

Because they own the telephones, there’s no way around using Paytel, GTL or Securus. Unless they have an illegal cell phone, inmates must use them to place calls from jails and detention centers. Unfortunately, if your number is long distance from the facility where the inmate is being held when he or she calls, the cost of the call will be billed at expensive long distance rates.

We have a way to help you save money by using the Pacific Telephone inmate Call Routing Service. To start, an inmate must call a local number we provide for them, by paying the local connection fee established by the facility they are being held at with their commissary funds to Securus, IC Solution or GTL to get a 15 Minute call out of the Jail or Detention Center. Pacific then charges a fee as low as 5 Cents per minute (75 Cents) to (route) send the call to a loved ones cell or home phone resulting in a significant savings per call.

About Pacific Telephone Company

The Pacific Telephone Company™ is registered with the (CAPUC) State of California Public Utilities Commission, Reg. No. #DVS-1110; the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission, Reg. No. FRN019494061, collects tariffs as required by the FCC Universal Service Fund E911 regulations, and the numbers we provide have can be configured for global outbound long distance dialing capability to call any number, anywhere in the world if desired.

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